How To Use The Free Chaturbate Token Generator

We all know that Chaturbate tokens are pretty expensive. And we all thought about it – How to get free chaturbate tokens?
Don’t worry. We have figured out a way to beat the system and get unlimited free tokens on Chaturbate.

The software is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is enter your account username, select the number of tokens to generate. Then you just wait it out and let the generator do it’s job.
Your account will start to fill up with free chaturbate tokens. It’s really as simple as that.

To be honest, we have checked out and tried many different generators on the internet but unfortunatelly, none of them really worked. Not sure why, but I think that they updated their system, so those cheats no longer work.

However, our software is the real deal. As you can see, the other ones are pretty old and outdated, but ours was made just a month ago!
We have actually made 2 versions of the hack – chaturbate token generator for windows and mac, and chaturbate token hack android version.


Why We Created The Chaturbate Token Generator App

Our team is all about providing value to the people. Our mission is to invent things we wish existed when we needed them. For many people, chaturbate free tokens is just a dream. Until today! You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on tokens.
The only downside to this token generator app is that you can only get so many free chaturbate tokens. Right now, you can only generate up to 1000 per hour. We are working on resolving this problem, just give us time. Until then, I think that many free webcam chaturbate tokens will be enough for your needs 🙂


Chaturbate Token Hack User Reviews

I have tried a lot of hacks. Even those generators without surveys didn’t work for me. I’m really excited about this one though! And I never seen an android app for that. You guys are the best!
– Richard Howard

wow I didn’t think it was going to work. I just wish I could generate more than 1000 tokens per hour but that’s cool. It would be suspicious anyway, don’t want my account to get banner lol
– Bradley Clark

I was just about to download free chaturbate token adder but then I came accross this website…so glad I did and I hope Chaturbate doesn’t block this hack soon (or ever)

– Rober Kelley Jr.


Now, let’s think about the things you can actually do with this free chaturbate token adder. Obviously, you can add as many tokens to your account as you wish. You can use them to tip your favorite webcam models But you can convert those tokens to money too. This is a method we’re currently working on. Think how amazing that could be. Generating a lot of free chaturbate tokens and converting it into money.
That’s still in development, we’re trying to figure out how to beat the system (again).

This cheat is a downloadable file that you need to install. The reason for that is, we sure could make a online based app but we would risk chaturbate tracing it and shutting it down. By making a file, that needs to be installed, we completely prevent that from happening.
You will also be able to download an android app of this chaturbate token hack 2018. However, be aware that by running it on your mobile device, you can only generate 500 tokens per day, unlike with the Windows or Mac generator, that can add up to 1000 free chaturbate tokens real per hour! How amazing is that?!

Our team also made it very safe to use. There are no risks. The token adder uses elite proxy system to hide your location and username. They also won’t see your username, because the tokens won’t be added to your account directly. Everytime you run the software, it will automatically create a new chaturbate account and send tokens to it. The tokens will start being added to this dummy account. After you stop the bot, the credits will automatically transfer from the fake account to your real account.
You should see your profile filling up with tokens in 1 hour after you stop the token hack.

Some people might get a survey or verification to complete. That’s because we want to prevent Chaturbate team to finding and testing this program. They have alghoritms that always search for hacks and download them. After they download it, they report the website link and it get’s taken down.
We don’t want that to happen, right?

The verification (anti-bot) system is smart enough to detect bots. Don’t worry if it happens to you, you will still be able to download & use the free tokens hack as soon as you complete the verification process.
If you need to “prove you’re a human”, it may be due to many different reasons. One of them is due the fact that there are many people downloading the application within your location area. Don’t worry about it, the generator will still be fully functional.

Here is the actual proof of chaturbate token hack working 2018

And that guys is how to get free chaturbate tokens without spending any of your hard earned money. Everyone can now use this hack for free, no matter which operating system you use (except iOS, we’ll release an app for that soon).
Another thing I almost forgot to mention is that you don’t even have to use your real account. This hack comes with free account creator, and you can use new account every time you run the coin adder. That way it’s impossible for them to trace you! It also helps the tokens generator chaturbate stay under the radar.

You can now finally be the biggest tipper in the crowd and make those cam models really happy. You will be a real badass with free tokens for chaturbate!

I admit, we worked really hard to figure out a way to make it work. It’s a big website, but they still left some loopholes in their system. Chaturbate free tokens are not easy to come across so next time your friends ask you about it, you can tell them you beat the system! Or don’t, I’ll leave it up to you.


Now that you know everything there is to know about this chaturbate tokens gratis hack, go ahead and click the link below to download it.